Free Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage is completely free to use without any risk whatsoever. There aren’t any hidden fees or tricks of any kind. Companies like Mozy and SugarSync will let you back up and store any type of files and data in the cloud without any charges and without any strings attached. The free account does have a few limitations and restrictions, but for many users the free account offers everything they need to keep their data safe and secure.

What Do Users Get With a Free Account?

With a free account the storage space allotted and the customer support is limited – but the safety and security is equally as good as it is with the paid accounts. If you have a small amount of data you want to backup and store in a remote location, then a free account could be just right for you.

What the Mozy free account includes:

  • 2 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Register without a credit card.
  • Backups can be scheduled or set to automatic.
  • Files are synchronized with Mozy Stash.
  • Files are securely encrypted during transfer and while in storage.
  • Mobile apps Android and iPhone supported.
  • Locked and open files are backed up.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base, tutorials and support forum.

What the SugarSync free account includes:

  • 5 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Fast backups and restores.
  • Versioning and the ability to have older versions restored.
  • File syncing and sharing.
  • Option to select files to sync.
  • Syncing and uploading via email.
  • Access from a web browser, iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows mobile, Blackberry, Kindle and Symbian apps.
  • Any folder can be backed up.
  • Changes are uploaded in real time.

How Much Can 2 GB Store?

To put into perspective how much 2 GB can store, think of it like this – 2 GB of free cloud storage can store 250,000 emails, 300 photos and 340 MP3 files.

Data stored in a free account is just as safe and secure as it is in a paid account.

What a Free Account Does Not Include.

The amount of storage you are allowed is limited and you have to upgrade to a paid account to get more – which is easy and hassle free. Data is kept secure and none of your settings are changed. You are simply increasing your storage limit, everything else stays the same.

There is a limited amount of customer support. Free storage account holders are not allowed access to live chat help, and they may not be allowed to submit a help ticket. However, the comprehensive knowledge base, complete FAQ section, community forums and video tutorials should supply all the assistance anyone will ever need.

Risk Free.

The greatest part about free cloud storage accounts is that there is absolutely no risk to give the service a try. You do not have to give out your credit card number, so you never have to worry about unauthorized charges. You have no obligation to upgrade to a paid account – ever. You can use the free service for as long as it meets your needs.

Free accounts give you the chance to test all of the features a company has to offer and evaluate the service before committing to a paid membership. If you feel the amount of service and space you get with a free account is all you need, you never have to buy a paid membership at all.

Never Lose Another Piece of Precious Data.

With a free account, all of your data is safe and secure. You do not risk one penny and you never lose one piece of valuable data. All of your favorite photos and irreplaceable memories are safe a sound forever. You can change computers, do a complete hard drive format, or anything you like without losing one single file.

All you have to do is download the free software and begin your initial backup. Once you have the program configured just the way you like, you can sit back a relax. All future backups are performed silently in the background, automatically, or on the schedule you have set. The initial back up can take quite a while because of the amount of data to backup, but subsequent backups go much quicker.

Once you have tried the service and then decide you do need more storage or more customer support, you can easily upgrade to a paid membership. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and your account is upgraded seamlessly. You will not lose any of the data already stored and you don’t have to worry about your settings. Everything stays the same unless you decide to make some changes.

Give free cloud storage a test drive and start backing up your precious files. There is no risk and no obligation.