Live Drive Review


Company: Live Drive


Service: Online Cloud Backup



There are a number of advantages that cloud based storage has over backing up your information offline. First off, in order to back up your information offline, you need to purchase some kind of storage media. All offline storage devices have some serious limitations. In order to have enough room to store all of the information you’re going to want to back up, you’re probably going to have to purchase quite a few of them. Not only that, those devices can easily be stolen. Furthermore, if you want to be able to access your stored information on the go, you’re going to need to have those devices with you.

LiveDrive is one cloud hosting service provider through which you can take advantage of all the advantages of cloud based storage over physical media. What’s more, this particular company has several advantages which set it apart from most of its competitors. For example, there are some features which they offer that are rather unique, and we’ll get into the details of those features momentarily. However, we would like to emphasize right up front that often, even those features which aren’t unique to this company are provided by them in a manner which is more efficient and economical than the manner in which their competitors offer them. We’ll go into greater detail regarding that a little later as well.

Features of LiveDrive

In one way or another, the features of LiveDrive are all aimed at providing solutions to the disadvantages of removable media which we mentioned earlier. For instance, whereas these removable forms of media have limited storage capacity, LiveDrive offers an unlimited storage plan. Whereas removable forms of media cannot be accessed universally, LiveDrive can. What’s more, the features of cloud storage transcend the issues we’ve already discussed, too. For the next few moments, we’re going to take a much closer look at all of these features, so you can get a thorough idea of everything which this remarkable company has to offer.


Just like any other company, LiveDrive has its fair share of weaknesses, too. However, we believe that its strengths far outweigh those weaknesses, so that’s what we’re going to look at first.


One of those strengths is the fact that LiveDrive uses the same type of encryption technology that many of the United States’ most well respected financial institutions use, which means that you can be sure that hackers will not be able to steal any of the information you store on their servers. Obviously, this is even more important for business users. LiveDrive doesn’t just take steps to protect your information against theft, either. They also protect your information from loss due to natural disasters by making sure that enough redundancies are built in to their systems to afford you access to your information no matter what.

Great Prices

Not only is LiveDrive secure, it’s also affordable! Even if you need to back up as much as 5 TB of information from as many as five of your computers, you will be able to do so for less than two hundred fifty dollars a year. Of course, you may be wondering about that unlimited plan we mentioned earlier. That plan is only available when you’re backing up one PC, but it’s less than eight dollars a month! Even if you need multiple accounts to back up multiple computers, that’s still a great price for an unlimited plan.

Customer Support

You’re not left to your own devices in the event you ever have a problem with LiveDrive’s service. First, you’re given access to an extensive FAQ section and a thoroughly developed knowledge base. Between the two of them, you should be able to find the answers to the vast majority of the questions which arise. Of course, there’s always the possibility that you won’t be able to find the answer to one of your questions on your own. In that case, you can take advantage of their support ticket system, which is staffed seven days a week in order to ensure a rapid response.

File Sharing Capability

LiveDrive has made it easier than ever to share your stored files with your friends and family members. Not only is their file sharing easy, it’s also powerful. In fact, it’s so powerful that you’ll have at your disposal both one-click file sharing and not one but three different access levels to choose from.

Full Interactivity

You can interact with the files you let LiveDrive store for you in greater ways than you can interact with the files stored on any other cloud hosting service. For example, not only can you stream your audio and video files, you can also edit your office documents while they’re still located on the remote servers. Plus, you’ll also be able to share any stored photos you have on Facebook and Flickr without downloading them back to your computer first.


One of the cons to LiveDrive is the fact that they don’t keep older versions of your files on their servers for you any longer than thirty days. Most other cloud hosting providers will store your older versions for you for much longer than that, and some will even keep them there until you delete them yourself. Another con is that they don’t offer any technical support (or customer service) by phone or live chat. You have to use their ticket system. Still, we believe, as we stated before, that the advantages of doing business with LiveDrive nullify these drawbacks, especially if you’re using their unlimited plan.


There are three elements we typically consider when evaluating a cloud storage provider. Those elements are affordability, dependability and innovation. Rare indeed is the provider which excels in every area, but LiveDrive is one such provider. If you have several computers you need to back up, there may be more economical options for you. However, if you’re just looking to back up one computer, or even a handful of them, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to do so than by signing up for LiveDrive.
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