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Before we get into specific facts about MyPCBackUp that make them such a great choice to be your online backup company, we’d like to remind you of the benefits of online backup in general. For many people, a computer crash could be emotionally devastating. This is especially true for people that have a lot of family photos on their hard drives. Of course, such a crash could have economic consequences as well. If you’ve paid a lot for the digital files stored on your computer, and you then lose them for any reason, that could be quite a blow. If you’re a business, some of your lost information might even be customer files that it took you years to compile.

Of course, there are other ways to back up your information in case it’s lost. For example, you could purchase removable drives. However, these removable drives can only hold so much information. Furthermore, just like your computers, they can be lost, stolen, or damaged. Using an online backup service can help you make sure that your information is protected while helping you avoid the drawbacks of portable storage at the same time.

Features of MyPCBackUp

Having reviewed a number of online backup companies, we have noticed that the features of those companies tend to fall into one of two categories. First, there are those features which are common to all of them, and then there are those features which only some of them offer. Sometimes, when a company has a large number of those unique features from that latter category, the quality level of their features from the first category suffers. That’s not the case at all with MyPCBackUp. They have done a great job of finding the balance between innovation and performance.


Despite the fact that we’ve been so glowing in our review of MyPCBackUp thus far, there is a thing or two we don’t like about them. We’ll get to those things shortly. First, let’s go over some things we do like about them.

Simple Synchronization

Synching two of your devices has never been simpler than it is with MyPCBackUp. All you have to do is first select the file (or folder) that you want to sync, then drag and drop it into the sync folder itself. Once a file (or files) is (or are) in the sync folder, any changes made to them will automatically be reflected on whatever other devices contain that same folder.

Scheduled Backups

You can schedule your backups to happen whenever you want them to. Thanks to the fact that MyPCBackUP uses incremental backup technology, the demands on your system’s resources will be kept to a minimum while the backup is being performed. Still, the fact that you can schedule those backups to transpire during periods of time in which your computer isn’t being used anyway means that you won’t have to worry about your system’s resource availability at all.

Social Sharing

Your files will not be available to anyone unless you specifically grant them access. Your files are perfectly safe. When you do want to grant someone access, it’s really easy to do so, and you will have a number of ways at your disposal to share those files with them. As a matter of fact, even the ever-popular Facebook and Twitter have been seamlessly integrated into MyPCBackUp’s systems. So, if it’s photos that you’re sharing, you’ll be able to use those popular sites quickly and easily.

Advanced File Versioning

One of our favorite things about MyPCBackup is the fact that they allow you to store older versions of your files for an unlimited amount of time. A lot of other online storage providers only allow you to store older versions of your files for up to thirty days. The default length of time in MyPCBackUp is seven days, but you can manually change it so that the files you select are there until you delete them. With some other providers, if it has been more than thirty days since you last changed a file, and you accidentally save over it, you’re out of luck. The fact that we’ve actually had that happen to us is the reason we’re so excited about this particular benefit.

Other Features

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of all of the great features which are available from MyPCBackUp. To begin with, they offer you unlimited storage space. Not only that, you can access your files from anywhere with an active internet connection, too. All of the security measures taken by other online backup companies are taken by this one, too. That includes both 256 bit encryption, which prevents digital theft, and offsite server mirroring, which prevents the loss of your data due to natural disasters. Customer service is available in the form of live chat with qualified representatives.


We mentioned before that are a couple of things that are less than perfect about MyPCBackUp. Because we promised we would, we will tell you about them. However, before we do, we would like to point out that both of them are such minor issues that neither of them should be a deal breaker in terms of whether or not you ultimately try this service. First, there is no phone support available. There is only chat support, but there is also an extensive collection of support info available for you to review online. Second, there is a limitation to the size of individual files you can back up. However, since that limit is set at 5GB, it is unlikely that any of your files will ever be anywhere near that large.


Storage space isn’t the only thing that’s unlimited when you’re using MyPCBackUp. It also doesn’t matter what types of files you want to send. This isn’t true with all online backup providers, so it’s another nice perk. Both the backup and restoration operations that this service performs are fast, and they run silently in the background. Given all of these advantages, there’s no reason not to give MyPCBackUp a try.

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