Online Storage for Business

Online Storage for Business

When you are considering online storage for business purposes, you need answers to a few questions. The most important thing for you to know is the differences between personal and business plans. Although personal plans are very safe and secure, business plans tend to have tighter security features and stricter sharing rules. The needs of a business are different than those of an individual. Businesses have trade secrets and client profiles to protect, and generally need a greater amount of space than an individual.

Two excellent online storage options for businesses are Mozy and SugarSync. They have special plans that cater to the unique needs of a business. 

Important issues to consider about online storage for business needs:

  • Multiple users on one central billing account. Businesses have a multitude of bills pouring in every month. By issuing each employee an online backup storage account, the business has even more bills to keep track of. Allowing as many users as the company needs to backup important data and have control of their own account is very important. Putting all of these accounts on the same bill is very convenient. One administrator is able to oversee these accounts and ensure privacy and company ethics are upheld.
  • Continuous and automatic backups. We all know that “to err is human.” What if an employee forgets to perform a backup? Vital information could be lost. With continuous and automatic backups all files are saved, and the changes to existing files are also saved and backed up automatically. No time is taken away from the employee’s work, because the program handles everything automatically, without the need for human intervention.
  • Unlimited storage space. Businesses generally need much more space than individual users. Plans that limit the amount of space a business can use can greatly limit the growth of the business. Businesses can get unlimited storage plans for very reasonable prices. And all plans are completely scalable, which means that a business can upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time as their needs change.
  • Archiving files. Some online storage service providers clean out their archives after a while, especially if no activity has been detected on the account. Businesses usually need to keep all data for at least 6 six years to comply with government regulations. Make certain you know how long your data will be archived, and under what conditions it may be erased or removed from your account.
  • Cost. All businesses, whether they are big or small, must stick to a budget, but the cheapest online storage company may not be suitable. Competition in online storage is fierce, so it is not too difficult to find one that will fit into your budget, but since most offer a free trial, why not try a few before making a final decision?
  • The reputation of the company. Companies come and go all the time. Whether they operate online or in a physical building, there is no guarantee a business will survive. If the company you choose does not have a good reputation or has not been in business for very long, there is a good chance it may fail. If that happens, all of your data is gone. Read about the current top ten online service providers here.
  • Simplicity. The program has to be easy to use. Training employees takes a lot of time effort already, don’t make your life harder by introducing a new system no one will understand. This will not only cost you a bundle in lost production, but you will have to hire a specialist to train your employees. Complicated features can be the cause of many mistakes. Not understanding the program can result in lost data and lost time. The company you choose should give your employees plenty of online help, when needed, as well.
  • Resource hog. You don’t want a system that hogs all of a computer’s resources. The program should run silently and unnoticed in the background without interrupting or interfering with an employee’s work.
  • Safe and secure transfers and storage. Security is the number one concern of anyone doing any type of business online. From online banking to shopping to storing data, you want to make 100% certain your privacy is secure. For businesses this is a vital factor. Reputable online storage service providers offer a minimum of 128-bit AES encryption, the same level as used by banks. There are some that go as far as 256-bit encryption.
  • Multiple users. Businesses need a company that allows multiple users on the same bill. As the company grows, you need to be able to expand the number of computers associated with your account. You also need a provider that is capable of backing up multiple computers simultaneously.

Whether or not you should backup your vital information is not the question. The question is which online storage for business service provider should you choose? Before you decide, why not read more about the great features and services provided by MozyPro and SugarSync For Business.