Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Digital storage is a big issue, especially these days. Hard drives and portable USB sticks are being built to hold more and more data all the time. The 500 MB hard drives from the last century are laughable in light of today’s 100 GB+ hard drives and 16 GB+ USB drives. But, somehow it is never enough. With so much data to store, unlimited online storage is the only answer.

Not only can you store everything imaginable and never run out of space, you can rest assured that all of your data will be 100% safe and secure. You never have to worry about a computer crash, a power surge or an accident destroying your computer. Of course, you may have to replace your computer, but you won’t have to replace any files – everything is safely stored in the cloud. This is invaluable because many items can never be replaced, such as the video of your child’s first steps or the presentation it took you a month to perfect.

The Right Storage Solution

Online storage just makes sense. With just about everything in our lives being in digital form, it doesn’t take too long to fill up your hard drive. A few hundred videos and several hundred MP3 files and the gigantic hard drive in your new computer is full to the top, and you know what happens when your hard drive is full – your programs run as slow as molasses!

Your programs need some breathing room in order to perform at their best. When all of your memory is taken up, the resources your programs need to complete the task at hand are extremely limited. Keeping your hard drive practically empty will free up those resources.

Automatically backing up your files into the cloud uses barely any resources at all. In fact, you will not even notice when a backup is being performed because the program runs silently in the background, without interrupting your work or slowing down your computer. 

Unlimited cloud storage gives you ultimate peace of mind – you never have to pick and choose which files are more important because you have the space to backup everything.Many online storage plans limit the amount of space you can use. This means that when your space allotment runs out, you have to either upgrade to a more expensive plan or delete some of your files.

Another great part about storing your files online is that you can access them from anywhere. Dragging around a laptop is not only a big hassle, you run the risk of it getting lost, stolen or damaged. And the only way you can access files stored on an external hard drive is to plug it into a computer. With online storage, you can access your files from anywhere without taking anything with you except your iPhone, which you probably take with you wherever you go anyway.

You never know which files you may need. Say you run into an old friend you haven’t seen in years. With a few clicks you can show off pictures of your children, your wedding photos and pics of your latest vacation. Or maybe you get home and remember something you wanted to add to the file you were working on. You can just log into your online storage account and add anything you like. The new version will be automatically saved and backed up.

Unlimited cloud storage advantages:

  • Backup and store all of your files, whether they be for business or personal use, you never have to decide which files to save and which ones to delete. All of your business files, loads of MP3 files, unlimited pictures, any type of data and as much as you like can be stored in the cloud because you never run out of room.
  • Many companies offer customers on unlimited plans additional features. For example, with LiveDrive you can install and use the program on more than one device,which is not an option included with the other plans.
  • Unlimited storage plans are very reasonably priced. For just a few dollars more than what some companies charge for a limited plan, you can get an unlimited amount of storage from MyPCBackup – as little as $6.95 per month.

Unlimited cloud storage disadvantages:

  • You can’t get an unlimited amount of storage for free – not really. Some companies do offer free plans with no limits on the amount of space you can use, but there restrictions or strings attached. You may be required to recruit new members, or there may be a time limit on how long you can use the service.
  • Older file versions or archived files may be deleted if there has been no activity on them for a while. Make sure you read and understand the fine print. 

Read more about each company to find the one that is just right for you. Mypcbackup, Justcloud and LiveDrive are all great companies. Why not check them out?