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Company: Zip Cloud


Service: Online Cloud Backup Service.



If you’ve never used cloud storage before, you may not have considered its many benefits. Not only would we like to help you do that, we would also like emphasize that ZipCloud is a great company to do business with when you do decide to start utilizing cloud based storage services. However, before we get into the ins and outs of what makes ZipCloud superior to so many of its competitors, we’d like to take a minute to point out a few of our favorite benefits of cloud based storage in general.

You might think that owning physical backups of your files at your home or office would be sufficient. But, physical disks can be stolen, lost or damaged. If that were to happen, and you were to then lose the originals of any of your important files, then that data would be gone forever. In contrast, if that data is backed up in the “cloud” through a company like ZipCloud, it would be protected by their redundancy and security measures. There are also a number of other benefits to using this type of storage, and they will become clear as we discuss some of the most useful features ZipCloud has to offer.

Features of ZipCloud

The vast majority of features that ZipCould offers are truly going to be of benefit to you. However, there are some areas we think this company could improve in, and we’ll tell you about those as well.


Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorite things about ZipCloud:

Low Cost

First things first: It doesn’t cost very much! You’ll be able to experience all of the features and benefits we’re about to detail for you without breaking the bank. As a matter of fact, if you don’t mind the relatively low limit to the amount of data you can store, you can even use ZipCloud’s service for free! Even if you do decide to upgrade to one of their paid plans, and many people do, prices start as low as $3.65 per month. Virtually anyone can afford that, and therefore, the risk is virtually non-existent.

Unlimited Storage

If you do decide to pay the monthly fee, you can actually store an unlimited amount of data on ZipCloud’s servers. There are other companies that also offer unlimited storage packages, but they usually cost at least twice as much as what ZipCloud offers. Even for home users, unlimited storage can be a really great option when you have a lot of large files on your hard drive that you paid a lot of money for. Common examples of these types of files include songs, movies, and even entire television seasons!

Access from Anywhere

One of the other advantages ZipCloud has over an external hard drive which we alluded to earlier is the fact that you will be able to access your backed up files from anywhere that you have a live internet connection. What’s more, you will be able to do so from whatever kind of device you need to, including a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or even a smart phone.

Sync Files across Multiple Devices

Not only will you be able to access your files from multiple devices by using ZipCloud, you will also be able to sync them to multiple devices. The ability to do this is useful even beyond just your own convenience. For instance, you can set up a folder that more than one person has access to, and when one of the files in that folder is changed on one of those devices, the changes will be automatically reflected on all of the other devices as well.

Tight Security

There are two different ways in which criminals can steal your files: digitally and physically. When you’re using ZipCloud, they won’t be able to do either one. Digital theft will be prevented by the encryption technology employed by ZipCloud, and physical theft will be prevented via the security system at the server site itself. There are also measures in place at the server site designed to protect your data in the event of a natural disaster.

Excellence in Customer Service

To begin with ZipCloud offers plenty of documentation, mainly in the form of FAQs and a knowledge base. However, there are some times in your relationship with any company during which access to these kinds of self-help options, as important as they might be, are simply not enough. This is especially true when the areas you need help in have to do with things like billing and order status. During those times, it will give you great peace of mind to know that ZipCloud’s live chat support is also available to you.


In case you can’t tell already, we think ZipCloud is a great company overall. However, as we mentioned before, there are a couple of things about them that we would like to see them improve upon. For example, they don’t currently offer a dedicated mobile app of any kind. In this day and age, almost any kind of IT based service that any company can provide should come with its own mobile app. We hope that this is an oversight which they will correct very soon. Another con is that their file synching happens quite slowly in comparison to the speed it happens at when you’re using some of their competitors. We hope they’re working on that, too.


While ZipCloud hasn’t quite established as big a foothold in the cloud services market as some of its competitors yet, it is certainly growing and improving all the time. Already, they have established themselves as able to provide a reliable, valuable service at a competitive price. Even the couple of areas of weakness which we mentioned would be easy to fix. Their service levels in other capacities are continuing to improve as well. If they continue in the directions in which they are moving, they will no doubt become a major player in the very near future.

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